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Corporate Photography

It’s always a pleasure for me to take Photos for the Zambia Revenue Authority. These are some of the Portraits I took of the Board Members of ZRA

Family Photography

It is always great to take photos of families that value and know the importance of memories stored through Photography. I was honored to take photos of this amazing family. Her are some of the photos from the shoot Best Zambian Photographer #family #Photography #top #Zambian #photographer #world #class #photography #best #Zambian #Photography #family #photos #leading #African #photographer #best #African #photographer

Best of Wedding Photography

It was a great honor to cover the wedding of JK and Jk ( Julius Kazembe and Jackie Kaumba. I met this couple early December to discuss their wedding and hey they turned out to be a great couple and I loved working with them #top #Zambian #Photographer #topweddingphotography #ZambianweddingPhotography #weddings #wedding #best

My experience at Idols SA

Photography brings me before beautiful people and I always love every experience. While in South Africa, I was with some amazing people. HereĀ is my experience through Photos  

Palesa Mokubung- South African Fashion Week

Amazing Show it was as Palesa of Mantsho put in her best in this Autumn/Winter Collection under BRICS.

Rudeboy Psquare- Paul Okoye

Yello my people!!!! Wow Wow Wow I feel so good as I write this blog post. Meet my brother Paul Okoye popularly known as Rudeboypsquare an amazing person you too would love to work with especially as a photographer or as an artist. If I will asked to describe Paul in 2 words I would say “Living Legend.” We all know Psquare and their great music and it was a great time for me as an African Photographer to photograph […]

Conceptual Photography

One thing I love and enjoy doing as a photographer is to experiment as much as possible with Photography because that way I discover and learn a lot. Life is a learning process and everyday I love to learn something new. I am driven by my PASSION for Photography and the love for it not so much about the money. Well, I only charge because I buy my equipment and have to pay bills otherwise if life was free I […]


I write this blog with a heart full of tears but at the same time with HOPE for a better AFRICA ahead. What really saddens me about my continent is how the poor people are exploited by the politicians who even kneel and plead for these same poor people so they can be voted into office but the sad part is that after they obtain power they are nowhere to be seen. What pains me even the most is that […]

My Africa

I just love my continent and its people. Despite the many challenges being faced we still pull through and continue.

Leading African Runway Fashion Photographer

I really enjoy shooting Runway Fashion because it helps me perfect my skills. Why? Because I have seconds to capture the right image that showcases the fashion on the model. In shot capturing the mind of a designer of that particular outfit. The other thing is that change of lighting temperatures also helps with the speed at which I change my camera settings. If one can achieve great results from runway Photography then they can shoot any kind of photography.