I write this blog with a heart full of tears but at the same time with HOPE for a better AFRICA ahead. What really saddens me about my continent is how the poor people are exploited by the politicians who even kneel and plead for these same poor people so they can be voted into office but the sad part is that after they obtain power they are nowhere to be seen. What pains me even the most is that as Africans we still repeat the same mistakes by re-electing the same causers of poverty  back into power even after seeing that they have failed, these African Politicians are not even ashamed to use tax payers money and money obtained through corruption to buy votes from the same people they have stolen from.

However, these politicians have learnt one thing, “TO MAKE SURE MAJORITY AFRICANS ARE NOT EDUCATED” Education opens people’s minds and reasoning and so politicians make sure majority their people are not as educated so they can cling to power in the name of democracy which they know is about numbers. How can a rich Continent like Africa still be languishing in poverty? How can a continent like Africa with so many Natural Resources still be borrowing money and seeking donor fund? On the flip side Africa is supposed to be lending other. Africa is supposed to be the richest continent but SELFISHNESS has gripped most of it’s leaders and those who preach the prosperity of the continent and unity are seen as enemies. What’s even worse is that once an African leader tries to educate Africans the Western Powers use their machinery to dent the image of such leaders because they too know AFRICA IS STILL A COLONY.

Africans celebrate Physical Freedom and not  Freedom of the mind because our colonists continue to lend African Countries money and provide AID? Is that freedom? One day I pray my continent shall INDEED BE FREE FROM MENTAL SLAVERY. I pray my Photography plays a role in Educating people