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    January 6, 2020

    Wedding Photography in Africa continues to grow as the industry keeps growing. More and more brides and grooms want professional photographs. Chellah Tukuta Photography...

  • Food Photography

    October 9, 2019

    Food Photography is one area of Photography that’s not easy to do because it requires a high level understanding of lighting. Am glad I...

  • Why invest in Professional Wedding Photography

    August 1, 2019

    Having been shooting weddings for the past 10 plus years, I have learn’t the importance of preserving these memories in a special way because...

  • Corporate Photography

    June 12, 2019

    It’s always a pleasure for me to take Photos for the Zambia Revenue Authority. These are some of the Portraits I took of the...

  • My experience at Idols SA

    November 4, 2018

    Photography brings me before beautiful people and I always love every experience. While in South Africa, I was with some amazing people. Here is my...

  • Palesa Mokubung- South African Fashion Week

    October 25, 2018

    Amazing Show it was as Palesa of Mantsho put in her best in this Autumn/Winter Collection under BRICS.

  • Rudeboy Psquare- Paul Okoye

    August 6, 2018

    Yello my people!!!! Wow Wow Wow I feel so good as I write this blog post. Meet my brother Paul Okoye popularly known as...

  • Conceptual Photography

    June 18, 2018

    One thing I love and enjoy doing as a photographer is to experiment as much as possible with Photography because that way I discover...


    June 4, 2018

    I write this blog with a heart full of tears but at the same time with HOPE for a better AFRICA ahead. What really...

  • My Africa

    May 29, 2018

    I just love my continent and its people. Despite the many challenges being faced we still pull through and continue.

  • Leading African Runway Fashion Photographer

    May 25, 2018

    I really enjoy shooting Runway Fashion because it helps me perfect my skills. Why? Because I have seconds to capture the right image that...

  • My Beautiful Africa

    May 22, 2018

    Many are the challenges we go through as Africans but that does not take away our beauty as a people. Africa is home for...

  • Corporate Photography

    May 22, 2018

    One of the tricky areas of photography is Corporate Photography because majority people think it’s just about posing someone in front of a camera...


    May 2, 2018

    Runway Fashion Photography is one area most African Photographers have ignored because Fashion Weeks do not take place so often unlike weddings and studio...

  • Chama and Teddy’s Wedding- Top Zambian Wedding Photography

    April 30, 2018

    Finally Chama’s Day came to pass after a long journey. I was so honored when Chama called on me last year in October 2017¬†asking...

  • Hustles of an African Mother

    March 27, 2018

    African Mothers go an extra mile in trying to provide for their children for the fact that most African men spend time drinking alcohol...

  • Runway Fashion Photography in Africa

    February 25, 2018

    Runway Fashion Photography is an area of photography most Photographers in Africa have sidelined because it seems to be a slow business as compared...

  • Photography

    January 10, 2018

    What is PHOTOGRAPHY? Today anyone who buys a phone with a lot of megapixels or buys a DSLR Camera is calling themselves a Photographer....

  • Runway Fashion Photography

    December 21, 2017

    As a photographer with many years of experience in the field of fashion Photography especially runway Fashion, I can attest to the fact that...

  • Why hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

    December 20, 2017

    Most couples would rather compromise on the quality of their wedding photos but later regret their “decision” to do so. Well, wedding photography as...


    December 11, 2017

    I feel honored to be among a generation of photographers telling the story of mother Africa through “Imagery/Photography.” I feel mandated to tell this...

  • Images for Sale!

    December 11, 2017

    If you are interested in buying images from my website, please visit the shop and make your selection and buy. Be a regular buyer...