Conceptual Photography

One thing I love and enjoy doing as a photographer is to experiment as much as possible with Photography because that way I discover and learn a lot. Life is a learning process and everyday I love to learn something new. I am driven by my PASSION for Photography and the love for it not so much about the money. Well, I only charge because I buy my equipment and have to pay bills otherwise if life was free I would not charge anyone for it. Being a Photographer especially full time requires a lot of perfection and continuous practice so as to remain relevant in the growing industry of photography. I therefore challenge you reading this blog to NEVER RELAX ON WORKING HARD AND PERFECTING YOUR SKILLS not just in Photography but in any aspect of Business or Talent you have.

The Fifa World Cup 2018 has really opened my eyes to never think am the best because even upcoming Photographers out there are working so hard to get to the top. Never feel comfortable or arrived. Always strive to be the best you can.